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8/26/2008 - I think this is a great idea, especially for areas with more temperate climates. Please keep seniors and less physically abled people in mind and make tricycles and motorized scooters as options. Without these options, Bicycle City will lack in diversity. Shari 
8/26/2008 - I have great conviction towards the ideals you embody. I would like to help in any way possible. Margaret G.
8/26/2008 - I would like to knkow more about Bicycle City in general. Education, residential and career opportunities are a priority for me. I am in my last year of my undergraduate career. I have a major in Sociology and a minor in Environmental Science. My interests are environmantal and social awareness as well as sustainability and environmental health,. Any additional information you can provide will be appreciated. Shantae R.
8/24/2008 - I'm happy that you have the foresight to come up with this concept. I was just trying to think of ways to make Aiken SC more bike friendly and ways that I can help. I would like to live in a city that is off limits to cars. i'm an EMT/Firefighter and have already thought of ways that those jobs could still be done with cycles and other non polluting vehicles as the mode of transportation. It would take some extra planning but it can be done. As for evacuating injured people to the hospital an entrance to sustain an ambulance or at least a golf cart with med bed would have to be in place. Fire service could be done with stratigraphic placed equipment and water supply. I would love to be a part of that on the ground floor. If you decide to bring your concept to my area Please contact me and I will be glad to provide whatever assistance I in getting this up and running. Oh you should set the radius smaller because It's about 50 miles to columbia from here 15 miles to Augusta Ga and 100 miles can take you a lot of places. Aiken would be a good county to set up a new city and I have thought about that before. It's a very large land area and has a lot of undeveloped areas. I wish you well in your endeavor and hope that I can be a part of it in the future. Chris F.
8/24/2008 - I am running for city council here in Decatur, AL on a bike-friendly platform. I have little hope of connecting with that message here, but have committed myself to pursuing this type of transformation. I am SO happy to see that this is happening. Sign me up! James 
8/24/2008 - the peace of living auto free  
8/19/2008 - #1 most important is the potential to grow to neighboring areas, i.e. not to become a clique. Maybe find a run-down inner city that has the right mix of climate, ecological, cultural & economic potential. Start at the core... Clare A.
7/31/2008 - Proximity to my family. Saratoga NY and Southern Maine  
7/28/2008 - How soon do you all think that we would be able to make one of the Bicycle Cities that you are discussing on this site? Karen P.
7/27/2008 - I think this is a great idea and I can not wait to see this idea become a reality! Johnny L.
7/25/2008 - i am highly motivated to work for pedestrians and bicycle riders in developing countries. Khan R.
7/19/2008 - Awsome concept. The world needs to realize that the bicycle is the perfect machine, and that no futher development in the area of personal transport was nessesary after its creation (with exception of the motorcycle, of course). Michael M.
7/10/2008 - The Earth, environment and human life in a sustainable atmosphere. I highly appericiate the idea of bicycle city as it would prove to be a step towards a pollution free, cooperative,healthy and a peaceful way of life. Arun S.
7/8/2008 - I think this is a great idea and I hope it really happens! Ben L.
7/8/2008 - I would love to live in such a simple community with cleaner air and less noise. It would be amazing to have such and community in existence and I would really like to be a part of it. Jill T.
7/7/2008 - It just amazed me to read this site. I never thought this lovely planet earth now ever move to ecofriendly culture. In this world of materialism, man is forgetting to be a part of nature and thus harming it extensively. Good wishes to your efforts. Please keep me informed regarding activities of your project. I shall be thankful. Vinod M.
7/7/2008 - I am 67...could I really live long enough to see such a wonderful thing come into being? I bike to work each day, and take 30/40 mile rides whenever possible. Just for the love of it. Carole G.
7/7/2008 - The most important thing to me is that this becomes a reality! This would play a major role in my future Ryan S.
7/6/2008 - Congrats for having this site..lets help protect our mother nature by means of bicycle,less pollution,save money,and stay fit!! Dong B.
7/5/2008 - Dudes, are you like planning to make a totally different city by creating the common thought that everyone should live Eco Friendly in one city with all organic stuff and where all people are environmentalists? Sweet man. Jon C.
7/4/2008 - I have a small farm where I grow rice. Am interested in growing rice and other plants the organic way but my knowledge is very minimal. Your plan for a bicycle city sounds interesting and I hope we can have one like it here in our country. I live in the philippines Ellen G.
7/2/2008 - in my opinion, bicycle cities are part of the solution in saving our planet. they should be develop in all parts of the world in order to minimize our problems in pollution. Friend of bicycle city M.
7/1/2008 - Healthy environment is healthy place to live on earth. Vijay L.
7/1/2008 - I have been rideing a bike for years.Love it I would love to live in a place with no cars.I love this earth and hat what is going on in it. All the smog from cars and other things. I would love to find a place like bicycle city to live. Paul B.
7/1/2008 - Bicycle City concept sounds interesting. Even imaging about it, leaves you with peace and freashness. Shraddha B.
6/30/2008 - The concept of bicycle city, at least for a community of say 10,000 inhabitants, if implemented even as a pilot demonstration project, would attract lot of enthusiasm and support.  
6/29/2008 - We are working towards Alternative Energy Resources and Organic Agriculture - Survey, Assessment and Promotion. Quite glad to learn about Bicyclecity. Interested in partnering - sharing. Good luck! And keep the good work up. Regards N R.
6/26/2008 - Albany, on the south coast of Western Australia, has the potential to be a frontier town, on the border of a beautiful Bicycle City just inland from the coast. We have a benign climate and excellent wind power resources.We just need some more imaginative and forward-thinking political leaders. Peter M.
6/26/2008 - I think that there is still time to create BC next to or including much of our small town of Ukiah, CA. Half of our people have progressive ideas and healthy lifestyles...attitudes that could make it work. Joe C.
6/26/2008 - I think this idea of bicycle city is extremely well. Because it gives us a pollution free environment as well as good health. Every responsible country should make such laws which help in implementing use of bicycles as a best mean of transport within the cities. Sourabh A.
6/26/2008 - I am from Serbia,Belgrade.I think, suggest that Serbia or Belgrade become A Bicykle City. Vladimir M.
6/26/2008 - Biking, organic comunity health happiness togetherness for a common goal. Nini D.
6/26/2008 - Am sort of an old hippie. I care about our enviroment and all animals. I ride a 3 wheeled bicycle an average of 11 miles per day I do have a car but will one day sell it and never own another. I am a very peacefull person and do not beleive in war. Sometimes I feel really out of step with the rest of the world. Would enjoy conversing with others with similiar outlooks on life. Danny V.
6/26/2008 - This sounds a little utopia, which is amazing, but how actual is it of becoming a real endeavor? Are there any jobs for a college grad to help with starting these communities? Vinny R.
6/26/2008 - Living a healthy lifestyle that includes using cars in a very limited way. I would prefer walking or biking to work Patricia B.
6/26/2008 - I am interested to learn about BC. My country INDIA is ideal to make such cities. Parag A.
6/26/2008 - This is a wonderful idea i am absolutely thrilled just reading the details. I look forward getting more details from you Jinnah I.
6/25/2008 - Want to build/live in BC. How to go about it? Harsh V.
6/25/2008 - I found this site when cheking my gmail account. I live in Montería, Colombia and I am really proud of seeing this small city in this site. Would you tell me how you found the information about this part of the country? Are there any groups of people in Colombia helping you in this dream? Please let me know Alex B.
6/25/2008 - A very well organized website with ecological friendly name...simply great organized information. Good Luck. Myran manimuthu M.
6/25/2008 - A beatufull enviroment and nature, natural life Ander B.
6/25/2008 - Surely it's going to be a wonderful place if going by what l read on the net. I would love to to live, work, and help out in the city. Please tell me more. Adeboyejo F.
6/25/2008 - How about a potential biocity in Romania, my home country? Irene Z.
6/24/2008 - I want to be involved in any way possible. Please respond so I can be of service to the wondeful project. Darren S.
6/23/2008 - Gainesville, FL would be MUCH more appropriate for BC,US than Orlando! Orlando is too unfriendly already to bicyclists! Tommasina M.
6/23/2008 - Go new urbanization! We can do it!! Katelin B.
6/22/2008 - Organic farms, healthy communities, noise pollution, the ...uh, EARTH! Casey M.
6/21/2008 - My wife and I would love to in community with people interested in a more sustainable lifestyle. How do I find out more? Art P.
6/20/2008 - I want change in this world starting right now. I have Multiple Sclerosis and everything about the atmosphere affects my daily living. I walk with a cane, but I still walk to many locations in and around my local. This is a dream scenario for a brighter future for everyone. Thank you for your work towards a less complicated brighter future. This is my one and only dream to live in a bicycle city. Michael H.
6/20/2008 - keep me informed Im very interested! have a grateful day! MC :) Michael C.
6/20/2008 - its an exciting concept in which it will be reality real soon...great job! Michael C.
6/18/2008 - This is a fantastic idea! What a great way to help improve the health of Americans and the health of the environment! Jill S.
6/18/2008 - General Cycling appreciation, a return to harmony with the environment, awareness OF cyclers BY automobiles and organized groups of cyclers interested in group rides (specific to ones location) Jeff C.
6/17/2008 - Self-sustained living off the grid and eco friendly. Loving instances with genuine people working for a common goal. Magic M.
6/17/2008 - Environment is very important to me..... Tanvi G.
6/17/2008 - I am chef in a sensative area for nature. With booming population and a need for eco friendly infrestructure,recycling, composting, friendly energy.lots of likeminded people but slow progress. comming too a village near you Dennis B.
6/15/2008 - Found browsing internet for bicycles. Most important being able to bicycle ride to local stores. Save gas, avoid pollution, live amongst people with similar principles and lifestyles. Teresa J.
6/15/2008 - The most important is to stop the global warming. Also to find new natural sources of Eneergy. From Puerto Rico Santiago C.
6/13/2008 - There are some great new high-tech electric bicycles that may be great for hilly areas, or ,out of shape people, like me. A little older well one can still peddle some. I heard they are good for thirty miles on one charge.  
6/13/2008 - Coming across this website, I was in absolute awe! The vision of bicycle city sounds like the closest thing to a utopia I've ever seen! Allison S.
6/12/2008 - In Stockton, CA, a three-some of agencies are working on a Mayor's Hike and Bike event, to get more folks on their feet and their butts on those old bikes - and leave the autos at home! Tim V.
6/10/2008 - This is just the place my husband and I would love to live at. We already ride our bikes to do most everything. I currently work from home and my husband switches off between his 3 bikes and rides to work every day. Can't wait!! Wendi, CA Wendi S.
6/9/2008 - Pedicabs in BC!! I am a New York City Pedicab Driver and pedicabs are a real solution to pollution and congestion and to make a city car free! Melissa V.
6/8/2008 - Some cities like Victoria BC have adopted some of your program. The main corridor Douglas St. has lane either side, although one feels it a little unsafe to ride on do to the bus route, I found transit drivers quite accommodating and careful with allowing right of way for cyclists. I still feel though that much more could be done there to providing more access to efficient routes. Some Streets like Government north of The Empress Hotel a bicycle lane could be added there and non essential vehiclar traffic could be closed allowing for only horse drawn walking and small slow alternative fuel traffic, to Pandora St. Lawrence john L.
6/7/2008 - I think you should consider Wichita Falls, Texas as a Bicycle City. Already home to the "Hotter Than Hell" race. Wichita Falls is one of "those best kept great places to live David M.
6/6/2008 - I live in Atlanta, GA and am constantly tied to my car.....lack of good public transport, long commutes for work, hilly terrain and dangerous traffic make bicycling impractical. How is this "Bicycle City" really possible? I'm very intrigued! Geoff R.
6/4/2008 - Found you through This is most definitely the greatest solution to our global society's unleashed problems. We MUST move into these communities as a human race; I believe very strongly in that. I'd like more information, PLEASE! My husband and I may be looking at moving to South Carolina in as near a future as possible, as close to Aiken, SC as possible to be close to my husband's parents. Thank you so much for creating this outstanding, phenomenal project. Karen & anthony S.
6/3/2008 - I live in Davis, CA, which in the US is the closest thing already in existence to your bicycle city. If you're serious about this, I think it's clear you should visit Davis and make it a central case study. Portland, OR is also doing a good job about bicycles. William M.
5/31/2008 - I am 60 yrs old engineer,wishing to live and do sustainable business in a city where cars are not allowed. People living as community ,sharing not only their thoughts but also their earnings for others. What an wonderful idea! I wish it is made to happen. Rp S.
5/30/2008 - Encouraging bicycling for health and environmental concerns Anand A.
5/30/2008 - Bicycle city sounds like a fun, healthy, and cost effiecient place to live. Louis B.
5/30/2008 - My main desire is to live in a community where I can work, play and meet open minded people with progressive ideas without a need to drive a car. Vlasta M.
5/30/2008 - Basic, pro-interaction technology. Closer human ties within and between communities. Reversing the tarmacing over of the world.  M.
5/29/2008 - In present scenirio, we have to protect our environmet and also control the air pollution by using bicycle. Ravinder D.
5/29/2008 - Ive lived in Kentucky my whole life and have traveled many miles of my states back roads via bicycle. Ive even relied on my bike as transportation to and from work at times. I think more bicycle development is needed in my state and im willing to help however i can. thanks and keep up the good work. Jon R.
5/29/2008 - I am very much interested in this venture. I do think that it will greatly reduce the troubles brought about by burning fossil fuel. Moreover, it will help people to become healthier and more resistant to sickness because they will have exercise. God bless! Alberto A.
5/29/2008 - I just want to live and exist in a place where its clean and safe for all walks. I feel if we remove the need for oil, we can start to remove the greed. I am an avid bicyclist, I also build and sell bikes for a living. I think we need to take care of our enviroment. K.michael D.
5/29/2008 - I have actually though about a design very similar to this. This is the first I have heard of Bicycle City and I am very excited to learn about it. I would love to learn more about what is happening with BC and what the future holds for BC. This is the type of project that I would love to be a part of, if you have any need for a motivated, educated partner, feel free to contact me. I look forward to seeing BC thrive. Thank you, our country needs this. Michael K.
5/28/2008 - Living now in Victoria I feel some of Canada's cities should have street side parking removed to allow for safe bicycle lanes. We could always build more parking above or underground. Lawrence L.
5/28/2008 - It would be wonderful to live in a city with no exhaust pollution! What a concept! Patrick W.
5/26/2008 - i believe and express my belief to everyone i meet that bicycles have the power to change the world and are the answer to many of the worlds problems. Kevin M.
5/26/2008 - Battle Ground Washington would be perfect for Bicycle City. Is one built yet? How can I help? Where is it, I want to live there! Michael W.
5/25/2008 - I live in Tallahassee, Fl. and I cycle everywhere. Recently two fatalities and two serious accidents have happened with motorists and cyclists, I am trying to promote motorist and cyclist education and awareness. I would love to be involved with you guys because it is what I believe and strive for everyday. I would also love to get ideas and suggestions from others who are trying to involve the general public with the education and awareness of a bicycle friendly environment. Thanks. Jason R.
5/25/2008 - Consider including horses as a foundational element of your city. Apart from the psycho-spiritual benefits they will provide to people, they are wonderful transportation and produce the finest fertilizer your garden could ask for. Spartacus J.
5/24/2008 - This would be like a dream come true for me. My bicycle has been the single greatest influence and source of stability throughout my life. What can i do to make this happen? Darrel Y.
5/24/2008 - I am looking for a place that creates sustainable, high quality of life in concert with the positive health of the planet call earth. I am in search of an economical way to build living space, and creating a sustainable way of life supporintg this planet. Dianne S.
5/23/2008 - I'm very excited to see how this progresses! As an Urban Planner working at a sustainable building consulting firm, I think this is a great idea. Cheers! Meghan P.
5/23/2008 - To see to it that civilization endures this century and many others far into the future. The main issues can be put behind us in just TEN years, the history of WWII and the Reconstruction of of Europe demonstrate this. Neil M.
5/21/2008 - I am interested in living in a community which is child-positive & where i feel my family will grow safely. I-dra G.
5/20/2008 - Thank you! I love this site! Bicycles have been a good friend to many people, and has extended many lives, as well as improving health. Just smell the fresh air of the Bicycle City! Julian w. C.
5/19/2008 - I believe I have already let it be known I am 100 percent in favour of your great plans. To ad a possible great expansion to it. I propose that light rail cars be set up for inter Communal transport. Lawrence J.
5/19/2008 - It's ironic to see Frank Lloyd Wright atop your pantheon of "great city" designers. While I admire Wright's attempt to build simply and in harmony with a site's surroundings, I lament the suburban sprawl he inspired. John H.
5/19/2008 - Born and raised in LA I've been wanting to move for quite a while, but lifes circumstances has kept me and is still keeping me from the move. Your town sounds exceptional. Expecially the lack of cars and it being pet friendly. I would love to visit and possibly in the future become a full time resident of Bicycle City. Lori S.
5/19/2008 - Bicycle Snow Plow? I'd suggest it be located where you can bicycle year round. However, San Diego is way too hot for me, so I'd suggest a temperate location like Oakland, CA. Of course, it's a lot easier to find land in climates which are less hospitable. Dave C.
5/19/2008 - Aloha, I live within an 8 mile trek of a perfect climate location for a Bicycle City, Hilo, Hawaii. How can I help to initiate this thoughtful 'idea' whose place is ready for the next level of awareness? Kelly C.
5/18/2008 - Cycling and promoting it, while diminishing our auto-habits, their entrapments and negative consequences are important to me. Robert H.
5/18/2008 - What a neat idea! K S.
5/17/2008 - I googled bicycles as i am planning on riding more as gas prices soar, and i came across your site. What a super idea! I was so excited. I have a dog rescue and a website, i would be happy to place a link to your site on mine! I would go to almost any state to live in a great community such as what you have proposed! Thank you! Christa W.
5/17/2008 - WOW, I had no idea. It is time for this place to happen. An eco-friendly city with no cars, way cool. I only hope to see it in my life time. David O.
5/17/2008 - Saving our environment & creating a better world for our children & their children. Virginia S.
5/17/2008 - A close working and living environment in an eco friendly area. In an area w/forest, nature and people helping people helping the great mother earth and air. Dianna W.
5/17/2008 - Great idea we need more eco. friendly means of transportation. Separate lanes, and paths a must for future developments, and existing road ways. Wider shoulders at least both. Lawrence j. L.
5/16/2008 - My health is very important to me. My career, family, and the plant that I live on. Elaine M.
5/15/2008 - I wish to live in a city where there's a clear understanding that lifestyle = health/happiness. Chris C.
5/12/2008 - I can bearly stand the urban world as it is today. Must do something towards being in and creating a healthier environment for all living creatures. Alina A.
5/11/2008 - A sustainable community that is autonomous--doesn't need much (if anything from the outside world), and where people are into natural healthcare and healthy eating--also providing our own educational system. Greta P.
5/11/2008 - This sounds like a great way to live. How would this work in the winter. Bicycle rain, snow or shine? Bill W.
5/11/2008 - Interested in finding a place to retire. Love biking...would be interested in knowing more. I've been a successful teacher / physical education and at risk education. Terry L.
5/11/2008 - I am a recreational cyclist and live in a community that supports cycling through a beautiful 40 mile paved rail trail and the city has an ever growing trail system. The name of the trail system is the Pere Marquette Rail Trail and the city is Midland, Michigan and I think it is a viable candidate for a cycling city. As a board member of the Friends of the Pere Marquette Rail Trail, I would like to learn more about your organization. Randall B.
5/9/2008 - Sustainability is very important to me and I am very interested in helping support and living in one of these bicycle cities. Would organic farming and sustainable agriculture be incorporated into the creation of these cities to reduce the need for food and other products being brought in? Matt B.
5/9/2008 - I am a cyclist as well as an organic advocate. I have lived and worked on 3 organic farms and have training in sustainability and agriculture. I would love to live and work in a community that cares about local food and economy. Christopher S.
5/9/2008 - Sounds very interesting. I enjoy landscaping and maintanance, carpentry, gardening. keep me updated on what is happening. Ken L.
5/6/2008 - If only this could come to fruition. It would be like a dream come true. Few if any cars on the road, but lots of bicyclyists. Rita M.
5/5/2008 - We have got to have a city built around bikes and trains. PERIOD. Not busses, TRAINS. Chicago is almost there. San Francisco is good too. LA is adding trains and busses daily but is too spread out. But it could work. What's next?  
5/5/2008 - I am so happy that steps are being done to reduce the world's carbon footprint. "One small step for man, One giant leap for mankind" Candice V.
5/3/2008 - Let's all help make a dream come true! Let us all help make a city just like the ones God wanted, with hardly any pollution, with animals, happy people, beautiful views! Let us make a paradise. My only question is, where are they going to make it? I say Waco, Texas is definately the best place of all. Its got great temperatures, places with water, including a nearby waterfall called Waco Tanks, and so many other things... I say we stop talking about creating a miracle and just start making it already! Let us make a wonderland! Sabrina M.
5/3/2008 - All my life, I have told my parents, I want to live in perfect city. They always said there was no such things. Some places were beautiful, but they had many natural disasters, while some places were ugly, but they were calm. Now, with Bicycle City, I believe I have found a perfect home. SInce I was little, I always liked to ride my bicycle, not just as a once in a while thing, but as a sport, one that I really loved. Bicycle City will be my dream home, because of this. Thank you for making my dreams come true. Sabrina M.
5/3/2008 - Love to All of Bicycle City. Dr. arshed A.
5/2/2008 - Getting around easily to destinations in a bc community without worrying about traffic. Winsted, CT. has main traffic routes going through it's town, very dangerous. I am retired. Georgette B.
5/1/2008 - I love the outdoors and walk and bike every day. I woud like to live in a town where you could bike to the market, theatre, town hall, community events and schools. Sally W.
4/29/2008 - We should try to convert every city in a Bicycle City. Prabhat B.
4/29/2008 - I have always dreamed of a city/village atmosphere where everyone walked or rode bikes. Where cars were not invited into the "Green Zone". What a beautiful thing to see so many others are thinking alike. Organic local fresh grown fruits and veggies, I would love to move to such a family/child and pet friendly village style city. Please keep me informed about this project. Shelley U.
4/29/2008 - I am working on sustainability community design and would like to know if anyone is considering a local sewage processing facility that could capture and use the methane. Chris T.
4/29/2008 - This sounds amazing. My only concern and question is whether a BC will be built on previously undeveloped land. I think we need to conserve as much undev. land as possible, and build in already urban areas. Melissa M.
4/29/2008 - I've been researching bicycles as alternative to/enhancement of automobiles for transportation, and how I can be part of the movement towards sustainability. Christopher D.
4/28/2008 - The concept of a healthier way of life. Bonnie W.
4/28/2008 - It is awesome that people are doing this. Society needs someone to push for that change that everyone seems so afraid of, even when not changing becomes self destructive. I'd be willing to support this project anyway I can. Samuel W.
4/27/2008 - I have been building recumbent bikes for 15 years to accommodate people of all ages and abilities. It would be wonderful to help in some small way to make a BC a reality. James m M.
4/25/2008 - Transforming Studio City, CA into a bicycle city!!! Karen I.
4/24/2008 - The earth deserves a city like this. Conscious humans deserve to live in a city like this. The technology to live green is here, and the desire to live green is here. The only thing lacking is action on a large scale. It has been my dream for a long time to build a green city, now I see it is shared. A dream we all dream is reality. I would love for my reality to exist in Bicycle City; it would be my dream. I want to help make this happen! Stephen M.
4/23/2008 - I'm a fan of people-friendly urban design. I think walkable/bikable urbanism is preferable in many ways to drivable suburbanism. Ted S.
4/23/2008 - Riding bicycles and love outdoor riding. Most important to me is looking out for my one and only son. Junior D.
4/23/2008 - I am a Architect -Planner interested to develop a Eco-city in India, close to Bangalore. Channagiri N.
4/22/2008 - My childrens future and the future of all children. What we teach them what examples we lead by and what we leave them with, they are the future. Leanne G.
4/22/2008 - Veganism, mental health, Human Rights, clean water, organic food, sewage and water recycling using biology based treatment centers, bicycles, new ideas and knowledge exploration. Colin E.
4/22/2008 - We are looking for a biking area to "volunteer vacation" and check out places we may be interested in living one day. What volunteer opportunities can you tell me about that may give us free accommodations in exchange for volunteering/biking in or near Bicycle city. Gretchen C.
4/21/2008 - I have bike commuted to work for 8 years, 23,000 miles in San Diego, CA. It sure would be nice with dedicated, mostly car-free bike routes. W Y.
4/21/2008 - Found you by clicking on a google adword in gmail… I don't know how they do it but relevant words catch my eye. Bicycle City is an imaginative design project. I say why not change the world?!?! Bob G.
4/21/2008 - I would like to see this happen in the Omaha, NE metro area (papillion, omaha, etc). The current state of public transportation here is so mimimal that we could really embrace this idea! Erika H.
4/19/2008 - Are there jobs in bicycle city - ones that help maintain and develop the eco-friendly enviornment? Jason A.
4/18/2008 - I live in Chattanooga, and we would be a fabulous location for bicycle city. The location mentioned near Chattanooga already provides a wonderful organic farm-community--Sequachee Valley farms. I am very much interested in being part of any development team and would gladly volunteer to generate more interest locally. Ninian Williams Ninian W.
4/18/2008 - I have worked, grown, and sold native plants for the past 15 years. I want a place where indigenous flora and fauna flourish, with us, not in spite of us.  
4/18/2008 - Crescent City, CA might be good bicycle city. Gary G.
4/16/2008 - Write a column to try to convince people that there is a better way. Try to get the federal, state, county, and city govts, to subsidize electric bicycles, and Lithium Ion batteries.  
4/16/2008 - Interested in making my town and county more bicycle friendly. John M.
4/16/2008 - I think more people than we think have thought of the development of a healthy city like Bicycle City. My main concern is, of course to make it happen, but keep it happening longterm. Please consider me to help in any way that is possible to me. Will G.
4/15/2008 - I am a young single mom who is interested in animal rights, green living, and waldorf education, as well as holistic health and village living. I am going to school to become a midwife, and I look forward to the building of bicycle city! Erica L.
4/13/2008 - This is a fantastic idea. I'm a graduating electrical engineer, and would love to see things like this happen. My girlfriend, Michelle is an architect. Are there plans drafted for such a city already? Are they available for public viewing? Luke S.