Bicycle City sponsored, exhibited and presented at Ecocity World Summit 2008 in San Francisco, California, April 22-26. We received overwhelmingly positive feedback from those in attendance. Over and over again, people approached our table, each bearing an enthusiastic grin and offering a declaration of, “I want to live in Bicycle City!” In addition to resounding excitement for our idea, we attended lectures by some of the most acclaimed and well-respected leaders in architecture, urban planning and design, including Arcosanti’s Paolo Soleri, one of Bicycle City’s strongest influences.

The conference’s speakers and attendees all share Bicycle City’s vision: healthier, greener, more efficient communities. We heard the ideas of Stephen Schneider, a Stanford University climatologist; Reid Ewing of the Urban Land Institute; Brent Toderian, Vancouver’s director of planning; Wulf Daseking, director of planning for the city of Freiburg, Germany; Christopher Swan, inventor of solar rail; Liz Walker from the Ecovillage at Ithaca; Richard Register of Ecocity Builders; and many, many more.

Website News welcomed more than 50,000 visitors in April. Our link has been shown to Internet users more than 17 million times through paid and regular search result listings. Comments to our site continue to be thoughtful and inquisitive. Some recent comments include:

  • Congratulations! Awesome idea whose time has come. – Karoly F.
  • The Earth deserves a city like this. Conscious humans deserve to live in a city like this... I would love for my reality to exist in Bicycle City; it would be my dream. – Stephen M.
  • I have always dreamed of a city/village atmosphere where everyone walked or rode bikes. What a beautiful thing to see so many others are thinking alike. – Shelley U.

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Every day, we receive a number of thought-provoking questions on our website. While we are planning to address each question individually, there are many that we think all of our readers might be interested in.

When will Bicycle City be a reality?

We hope to announce soon where we will start building the first Bicycle City. Our team has found a few wonderful locations for our community, and we are continuing to search nationwide. Of course, we’ll continue to share details as they emerge through our newsletter, and we regularly make updates to

How will this work in the winter?

Almost anything can happen with a little creativity! Check out Kevin Blake's pedal-powered snow plow. Also, just because our name is Bicycle City does not mean our transportation options are limited to just bicycles. Plain old-fashioned walking or even snow-shoeing will be great for getting people around when the weather prevents safe cycling.

What will the homes in Bicycle City be like?

We plan to have an eclectic mix of single-family homes, artist lofts, condos, townhouses and apartments in Bicycle City within a compact design. We plan to institute guidelines requiring green home construction, and our homes will conserve energy and water and integrate recycled materials wherever possible. Just as we hope our community will serve as a model for future developments, our houses will also reflect the broad scope of possibilities in green building.

What questions do you have?

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