Things have been busy as ever in Bicycle City as we work to spread the word about our upcoming community and prepare to make Bicycle City the best eco-friendly, car-free community the world has ever seen.

In June, Bicycle City was a proud presenter, sponsor and exhibitor at Towards Car-free Cities VIII in Portland, Oregon. Bicycle City’s Joe Mellett presented The Road to Bicycle City as part of the Advocating for Carfree Development session.

Also in June, Bicycle City sponsored and exhibited at the Ohio River Way Paddlefest in Cincinnati, Ohio, and just last weekend, we were at the Humane Society of the United States’ Taking Action for Animals conference in Arlington, Virginia, as a sponsor and exhibitor.

Recently, Bicycle City welcomed two advisors to our team. Anne Lusk, of the Harvard School of Public Health, has a Ph.D. in architecture and more than 25 years experience studying cycling and multi-use paths. Ward Allebach, adjunct professor of environmental studies at the University of Pittsburgh, has a master’s degree in environmental studies and was the founder of two environmental organizations in southern California. You can read more about Anne and Ward on our About Bicycle City page.

We’ve also been busy making changes to our website. We’ve added lots of new content about our plans, and our front page was redesigned to make that content easier to find. Our site now features all the great comments people are leaving us and a new blog, which also features videos we’re capturing as we travel the country.

In the midst of these changes has come a sweep of traffic. Our visitors shot up from 50,025 in April to 98,775 in May, all the way to just over 145,000 in June. We can’t wait to see how many excited web users visit us in July! So far, 847 people have told us they want to live in Bicycle City and 512 want to visit. How do you feel?

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Bicycle City
Bicycle City is an environmentally-responsible place to live, work and play that is designed to benefit people, animals and the earth. This car-free, compact master planned community will foster an active and healthy lifestyle, support organic agriculture and integrate sustainable development. Our first location is planned for the southeastern United States. Bicycle City is a scalable concept whose design and plans could be applied to non-urban areas and urban centers where an ecological advantage can be realized.