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Potential Bicycle City Locations

Potential Bicycle City, Turkey Locations
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Diverse geography, organic agriculture and governmental alternative energy focuses along with an emerging high-tech market could create ideal potential for a Bicycle City, Turkey, development.

There are more than forty national parks and nature reserves throughout the country, according to All About Turkey. Special attention has been given to conservation of the flora and fauna in this region during the last twenty years noted by All About Turkey would benefit any prospective Bicycle City, TR location.

With coastal regions to mountainous highlands, this country has significant potential, as noted on Atlapedia.The climate is just as eclectic as the terrain, from snowy and frigid weather inland to temperate climates near the coasts, making for several options for outdoor activities year-round, states Atlapedia.

Sustainlable agriculture is an underlying foundation of all potential Turkish Bicycle City development. The country’s organic agricultural production is expanding and now includes each region of the country, according to Organic Europe. The provinces of Izmir, Malatya, Sanliurfa, Aydin, Bursa, Hatay, Kütahya, Isparta, Rize and Afyon are organic food production leaders, according to Organic Europe. Overall, the amount of cropland and organic yield is on the rise, along with the number of Turkish organic farmers, Organic Europe reports.

Turkey is also on the path to alternative energy sources as well. By the year 2020, Turkey plans to utilize up to 5000 MWe of clean-burning nuclear power as a resource, according to the Nuclear Energy Agency. A potential Bicycle City, Turkey location would benefit greatly from these factors.

Potential Bicycle City, Turkey Locations

Bicycle City, Turkey, could best be located in proximity to the following diverse cities.

Adana, Turkey
  • Population: 1,849,478
  • Average Annual Rainfall: 25 inches
  • Average Monthly High Temperatures: Jan 58°F; Feb 59 °F; Mar 64°F; Apr 70°F; May 75°F; Jun 81°F; Jul 86°F; Aug 87°F; Sep 85°F; Oct 79°F; Nov 70°F; Dec 61°F.
  • Water: River Seyhan
  • Adjacent Public Land: Camik Park, Yumurtalik and Karatas Beaches, Karatepe National Park
  • Zip Codes: 01330
  • Other Highlights: Adana Archaeological Museum
Antalya, Turkey
  • Population: 1,719,751
  • Average Annual Rainfall: 40 inches
  • Average Monthly High Temperatures: Jan 59°F; Feb 59°F; Mar 64°F; Apr 70°F; May 77°F; Jun 86°F; Jul 92°F; Aug 92°F; Sep 87°F; Oct 79°F; Nov 69°F; Dec 61°F.
  • Water: Antalya Bay, Duden, Kursunlu abd Manavgat Water Falls
  • Adjacent Public Land: Koprulu Canyon National Park, Termessos National Park, Olympus National Park
  • Zip Codes: 07300
  • Other Highlights: Adana Archaeological Museum, Taurus Mountains
Bursa Turkey
  • Population: 2,125,140
  • Average Annual Rainfall: 28 inches
  • Average Monthly High Temperatures: Jan 48°F; Feb 51°F; Mar 56°F; Apr 65°F; May 74°F; Jun 82°F; Jul 86°F; Aug 86°F; Sep 80°F; Oct 70°F; Nov 61°F; Dec 53°F.
  • Water: Cekirge ad Oylat Springs, Lake Iznik
  • Adjacent Public Land: Uludag National Park
  • Zip Codes: 16200, 16300
  • Other Highlights: Karamustafa Pasa Baths, Yesil Cami, Yesil Türbe, Uludag Ski Resort, Tombs of Oaman and Orhan
Kayseri, Turkey
  • Population: 1,060,432
  • Average Annual Rainfall: 13 inches
  • Average Monthly High Temperatures: Jan 40°F; Feb 43°F; Mar 51°F; Apr 61°F; May 70°F; Jun 77°F; Jul 83°F; Aug 83°F; Sep 77°F; Oct 66°F; Nov 55°F; Dec 44°F.
  • Water: Karpuzbasi Waterfall
  • Adjacent Public Land: Mt. Erciyes, Ski Center, Sultan Marshes
  • Zip Codes: 38090
  • Other Highlights: Kayseri Archaeological Museum, Anatolian Civilizations Museum
Trabzon, Turkey
  • Population: 975,137
  • Average Annual Rainfall: 15 inches
  • Average Monthly High Temperatures: Jan 33°F; Feb 38°F; Mar 49.°F; Apr 61°F; May 71.°F; Jun 79.°F; Jul 87°F; Aug880°F; Sep 80°F; Oct 66°F; Nov 52°F; Dec 39°F.
  • Water: Black Sea
  • Adjacent Public Land: Zigana Mountain and Ski Center
  • Zip Codes: 61100
  • Other Highlights: St. Sophia Museum, Sumela Monastery
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In Conclusion

As the country progresses to more eco-friendly energy sources, as well as increasing its organic market, it could be supported with potential development of a Bicycle City, Turkey. With a government and people already aware of the necessity of conservation, the environment of this diverse region would be an idyllic backdrop for any Bicycle City, Turkey location.

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