Bicycle City's Commitment to the Environment

Bicycle City - Recycle Bicycle City is committed to providing a healthy place for people and animals to live, one that is clean and natural and leaves as small a carbon footprint as possible. As a green community, we’ll strive to be leaders in the use of:

Bicycle City - Wind Power Clean energy sources – We will maximize our use of solar, wind and other clean, renewable energy sources. Our hope is that our community will rely solely on clean energy. For more on Bicycle City’s commitment to clean energy, visit

Clean technology – Bicycle City plans to meet all 11 segments of cleantech, including organic agriculture; clean air; energy efficiency, generation, infrastructure and storage; light manufacturing; recycled materials; facilitated recycling; human-powered transportation; and water conservation. For more, visit

Organic farming – Our commitment to the earth includes a commitment to natural foods. We aim to provide an abundance of chemical-free produce to our residents in an effort to rid the world of pesticides and other pollutants. Bicycle City - GrapesTo learn more about our organic farming efforts, check out

Sustainable development –We are working with Kirstin Miller of Ecocity Builders to develop and adhere to a list of sustainability goals, based on the 10 Sustainability Principles of One Planet Living. Visit to read more about these goals.
Ecotourism – Just as we hope to have our community serve as a model for future green development, we also hope that our community will serve as a model for daily living for those who visit us on environmentally-responsible vacations. Read more about our goals for eco-tourism at

Human-powered transportation – Perhaps in our strongest commitment to combating climate change is our car-free nature. Residents who own cars will park them on the perimeter of the community and rely on walking, cycling or other methods of human-powered transportation to get around. Bicycle City will be designed to cater to people on foot, which a dense commercial and residential core. Everything one could need on a given day will be available within walking distance of their home. To learn more about transportation in Bicycle City, visit

If an environmentally-friendly community sounds like one you'd like to call home, visit to learn more about making a reservation in our upcoming community.